There isn’t any wrong or right way to honor your unborn child after he or she is gone. We must find what’s right for us, and develop our own traditions.

I have spoken to many, many couples who have suffered the tragedy of miscarriage. They’ve shared some incredible ways that they’ve celebrated the life of their unborn child. They’ve made new traditions, and I would like to share just a few of those ideas with you.

As painful as it might be, it’ll help you to understand that you’ve set apart a special time and/or a special place.

Below are some ways that individuals can honor and celebrate the life they have lost.

1) Create a poem and then read it at a memorial service.
2) Gather a few close friends and family members and hold a balloon release.
3) Buy a special memorial book in which you and your partner can write about the pregnancy and your feelings.
4) Release a lantern that has your son/daughter’s name on it. This can be an incredibly moving sight. It can be very healing to watch a lantern peacefully float through the night sky.
5) Set up a special place inside your house that has a candle for your unborn son or daughter. You could consider lighting the candle each year on what would have been his or her birthday.
6) Purchase and wrap a present. Give it to a child. This child may be someone you saw in the hospital, or the child of a friend or family member.
If you do not know a young person that you would like to give a gift to, check with the local ministers for assistance in locating a youngster who needs love. Do it in honor of the child you lost and consider doing so every year.
7) With close friends and/or family, make a memory box. Adorn it and keep it in a special area so that individuals who visit you may place unique items or notes in the box.
8) Release some butterflies. This is easy to do using a butterfly release memorial company, which you will be able to find online.
9) Make a memory garden. Add something new to the garden every year.

If you would like to share some ideas that you have used to honor the child you lost, or for more ideas, information, and support after miscarriage, please get in touch.

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