After suffering four miscarriages, I adopted my son in 2003 from Moldova, Europe’s poorest country through Wide Horizons for Children (WHFC). I recently published my book, “After Miscarriage, A Journey to Healing” that is about my journey through the heartache of miscarriage, the gift of adoption and the immersion in my lifelong passion that proved crucial in my healing process. I will be donating 10% of the proceeds from my book to support the Insula and Granny program in Moldova. Below is a synopsis of the program from WHFC. I appreciate your support and consideration.


This program is for children that have aged out of the orphanage system. Most children in this case leave the orphanage with little to no support and often end up living on the streets or involved in the ever growing sex and drug trafficking system. The Insula program aims to provide a support during this transition period. Children enter into a trade school where they are taught to be either hair stylists or chefs. They are given a place to live during their time at the school and they are given a monthly stipend. At the end of the year all of the students they graduate and are helped with finding a job. All of our students have found jobs or found the opportunity to further their education. Through this year they work with a social worker who helps them in learning to live on their own and be self-sufficient. Many of the students stay in touch with the program and come back from time to time to check in with the staff and encourage the new students.

The Granny Program

This program is truly touching and one we are so proud of. Essentially we employ 30 elderly woman, affectionately called “Grannies” and match them with children in two different orphanages. They work with children between the ages of infant to 7 years old. These women are truly amazing. They spend each day with them, take them out on outings, plan parties, do art projects, and truly care for this kids. We know how important this age can be for both physical and emotional development and we are so happy to see the changes in these children who finally have a special persona in their lives. Learn more here.

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