The loss of a child is one of the most painful events a couple can go through. A miscarriage signals the end of many hopes and expectations. It is the loss of one particular future. Grief following a miscarriage can be overwhelming. Many parents are knocked off their feet. It can be very difficult to make sense of what has happened and find the will to go on.

In this way, grief and loss can make people feel hopeless.

I’ve been through multiple miscarriages. No matter how bad you feel now, I am proof that it is possible to come out the other side of your grief and depression. It won’t be easy, but it’s important to know that it will happen.

Like me, you won’t forget what happened. It’s normal to feel sadness about a miscarriage or miscarriages for the rest of your life. But your sadness will not crush you. You will come out from under the weight of your grief a stronger person.


Your Faith Can Help You Through a Miscarriage

If you have a religious faith, relying on this can help. For many women coping with the premature loss of a child, and for many families, spirituality can help fill the gap that a miscarriage leaves behind.

I know Christian parents who turn from pain and move towards healing by inviting God to fill their lives. By remembering that Jesus loves them, they can find comfort during a very painful period.

Time really does heal. Holding on to your faith in God or reconnecting with your spirituality can help you maintain the knowledge that all will be well, that you still have a purpose on this Earth, and that your life will go on although it has taken an unexpected and difficult turn.

If you don’t have a particular religious faith, hold onto the faith that things will get better for you and your partner. I am living proof. I know suffering. I was depressed after my miscarriages and had many moments of deep misery, when I hardly knew which way was up and which way was down.

While I will never forget what I’ve been through, I am grateful that I have a family; people who love me and who I love deeply.

My life is full of riches. Yours is too. Have faith and you will be able to appreciate and enjoy them once again.

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