Miscarriage is a loss, so it’s normal to feel grief. The sadness that couples going through miscarriage feel can be profound.

The question is, how long is it normal for these feelings to go on? If your sadness turns to depression and prevents you from taking care of daily routines such as cooking and dressing or looking after other kids, therapy can help you get your life back on track. If you’re feeling so saddened after a couple of months that it’s impossible to get through your usual day, consider therapy.

Getting professional help doesn’t mean that you have lost control. It’s a positive action that demonstrates that you are not giving in and that you are taking responsibility for your life.

Talking to friends and family can help you get some things straight in your mind, but there’s nothing like the unbiased, objective assistance of a trained professional to cut to the heart of the matter. People are unique and so are their needs. A counselor will be able to help you identify those needs and work out how to meet them.


How Might Therapy After Miscarriage Work?

In therapy, you will be encouraged to talk about your miscarriage and your feelings about what happened. Talking is a powerful way to move toward healing.

For many people, talking openly with friends or family feels impossible, sometimes because the woman is trying to ‘be strong’ or protect the people around her. A therapy session is the perfect place to bare your soul and ready it for healing.

Therapy sessions can also take place in groups. You or your therapist may decide that this is the most effective approach for you. One of the main sources of pain and grief after a miscarriage comes with the feeling of isolation. Many pregnancies end early as a result of miscarriage. If you are among them, you are far from alone, no matter how isolated you feel.

Group therapy can connect women with others in similar situations to them. They can gain support and perspective. They can receive healing and, as they progress through therapeutic sessions, they may also find themselves able to give support to others.

Therapy is certainly worth trying after miscarriage. And there’s no need to wait because you feel you should do it alone. Being alone rarely helps anyone after a loss.

Therapy is readily available. Seek a professional at any time to ease your suffering and to get your life moving again.

You can find therapy online or by contacting your local hospital or physician for recommendations.

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